Our Mission

Students really respond to music and resources that inspire them. So that’s what we do. We create helpful resources in the form of original piano music, fun technical exercises, articles, and much more!

PracticeHabits.co is a resource for you! A trusted and reliable resource that you can depend on for all of the above and more.


Other Resources

Helpful Articles

Fantastic articles to help you along in your important work! We cover everything from technique to practice strategies.

Sheet Music

We have a wide variety of well-crafted beginner and intermediate piano pieces in our growing sheet music library.

Technical Exercises

Scales, chords, and arpeggios! Can technical exercises be fun? Yes! And ours are in all twelve major and minor keys. 

Lead Sheets

Improvisation is such an important part of music education. Improvisers become readers, making well-rounded musicians. All of our lead sheets are in all twelve major and minor keys 

Practice Guides

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect! Students have to learn how to practice. And it’s so important for their parents to learn practice strategies as well.

Training Videos

Not only do our membership community subscribers receive unlimited sheet music downloads, they also get unlimited access to our growing library of video training tutorials.

Sheet Music


We offer our subscribers unlimited access to our entire sheet music library made up of hundreds and hundreds of pages of well-crafted resources.


“I’m really enjoying all of the music and resources in the Membership Community!”

– Jennifer Foxx,

Piano Teacher

“The Membership Community has been a life-saver this semester! Even though I plan all of my lessons to the “T,” sometimes I need a quick repertoire addition to hand a student. I can quickly pull PracticeHabits.co on my iPad and quickly find what I’m looking for.”

– Dr. Kathy Rabago

Piano Teacher

“They pack a lot of value into their plan. Plus they’re always very helpful!”

– Helen Knueven

Piano Teacher