I would highly recommend joining the PracticeHabits Membership Community. Chris is constantly adding new materials to keep our students motivated!

Jennifer Foxx

Member Benefits

Sheet Music

Download and print unlimited copies of fun and inspiring piano pieces for ALL of your students (added to regularly).

Technical Exercises

Access fun and exciting scale, chord, and arpeggio exercises in all twelve major and minor keys (added to regularly).

Lead Sheets

Enjoy fantastic seasonal lead sheetsAll of our lead sheets are in all twelve major and minor keys (added to regularly).

Practice Guides

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect! Students have to learn how to practice. And it’s so important for their parents to learn practice strategies as well.

Training Videos

Not only do our membership community subscribers receive unlimited sheet music downloads, they also get unlimited access to our growing library of video training tutorials.

Member Calls

We answer your questions and help you get the most out of your subscription. Plus you’ll learn from professionals, such as Bradley Sowash, Jennifer Foxx, Natalie Weber, Carol Matz, and others!

Plus Member Exclusive Discounts!
Enjoy member exclusive discounts to Bradley Sowash’s online jazz piano classes, Music Educator Resources by Jennifer Foxx, Dr. Kathy Rabago’s online theory courses, and more!
Connect with piano teachers from all around the globe in our FREE private Facebook group. Connect with and learn alongside one another. Community is so important!

Beginner Pieces

Intermediate Pieces

Technical Exercises

Lead Sheets

Sheet Music Samples

An Inside Look

An inside look into the PracticeHabits Membership Community.

What Piano Teachers Are Saying

“Such a great variety of music: beautiful, humorous, stately, many levels.”

– Kim Oien,

Piano Teacher

“The Membership Community has been a life-saver this semester! Even though I plan all of my lessons to the “T,” sometimes I need a quick repertoire addition to hand a student. I can quickly pull PracticeHabits.co on my iPad and quickly find what I’m looking for.”

– Dr. Kathy Rabago

Piano Teacher

“They pack a lot of value into their plan. Plus they’re always very helpful!”

– Helen Knueven

Piano Teacher

Jennifer Foxx’s Story

Jennifer Foxx, Community Subscriber and Founder of Music Educator Resources, talks about her experience with the Membership Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can I Save?

In addition to saving you a ton of time and aggravation, the PracticeHabits Membership Community is amazingly affordable. Let’s do the math…

You’ve fallen in love with 6 piano pieces and resources in the online store and you purchase 6 copy licenses this month (copy license = unlimited copies for your students), that’s a $42 value.

That’s almost two times the Gold Monthly Member fee of $24 per month and you get so much more! Like a lot more. Like unlimited access to the online store and unlimited copies of current and future sheet music, online trainings, and a place to talk shop with like-minded piano teachers! Talk about amazing value!!

What About New Music?

Every week, you’ll receive a free online newsletter spotlighting featured sheet music for your review. The Weekly Update also highlights new arrangements, lead sheets, exercises, articles, and practice guides.

Instead of spending hours searching for your student’s next piece, the PracticeHabits Membership Community helps you focus on new and topical titles in just minutes a week!

Are The Resources Studio Licensed?
Yes, you may print unlimited copies of ALL the resources (including sheet music) for ALL of the students in your studio.
How Did You Come Up With Your Pricing?
We offer three packages.

The Platinum Plan is for piano teachers who want to save money by paying for the full year up front and enjoy the added value of the pro features, including 30% off of all workshops (Platinum Plan only).

The Gold Plan is for piano teachers who want the enormous value of having sheet music and resources at their fingertips, but need a more affordable option.

And the Silver Plan is for piano teachers who don’t need as many sheet music resources, but would like to have access to all of the online training videos and monthly Q&A calls for an affordable price.

Do You Have A Refund Policy?
Yes, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the PracticeHabits Membership Community, take comfort in knowing that you can cancel and receive a full refund at any time within the first 30 days.
Am I Signing A Contract?
No, you may cancel your membership at any time.

All Subscribers Get Our Unconditional, 30-Day,

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

And in that time, you can use and explore all the resources proven to inspire more student practice, meet the members and participate as much as you like! But if you feel the community and proven resources aren’t for you, rest assured that your refund will be issued quickly and hassle-free- no questions asked.

Plus, For A Limited Time We’ll Throw In An Extra Bonus For PLATINUM Plan Subscribers ($149 Value). 

Enjoy Our Entire Sheet Music Library On The Easy-To-Use And Oh So Convenient Sheet Music Thumb Drive!

“The Membership Community has been a life-saver this semester! I can quickly find what I’m looking for, download it, and print it out for a student.”

– Dr. Kathy Rabago

Piano Teacher

“I really enjoy being able to tailor music to each of my student’s needs, abilities, musical preferences — and Practice Habits is a great help to me in doing this! The variety of music is great, and I love that Chris is always adding something new.”

– Anna Fagan,

Piano Teacher

“I think there is a special quality in the music that sets it apart from others; it touches the heart even in the simplicity of presentation for beginners.”

– Helen Knueven

Piano Teacher