This week I’m spending some much needed time away from the work that I love¬†with my family in beautiful Seacrest Beach, FL.

It’s important to take the time to recharge. It’s important to capture moments with friends and family whenever the opportunities present themselves.

I hope you frequently take time to recharge your mental, physical, and emotional batteries. You need it, and you deserve it.

But do you ever feel a little guilty about taking time for yourself?

I sure do!

I immediately begin to think about my students having to miss their weekly piano lesson.

Oh, the horror!

How will they ever survive??

Well, hopefully, you’re taking the time to prepare them in advance for what’s coming so that they (their parents, really) have a good practice plan in place and know how to approach the week without a lesson.

Sidenote: This is an excellent opportunity to teach parents how to actively become engaged in their child’s music education (the number one way to set your students up for success).

But even though we know rest is important, we still get this guilty feeling.

And it’s not healthy!

You need time to recharge so that you can be the BEST version of yourself for your students.

Your students need you to take time for yourself.

I want to encourage you to take that time. You have permission, friend!

You don’t have to feel guilty for taking a break – whether it’s a week or two at the beach with your friends or family, or one day to enjoy waking up late and a nice breakfast with your significant other.

Whatever it is that helps you relax and rejuvenate; you need to do it.

Do it for yourself, first and foremost, and that, in turn, will allow you to be the best you can be for your students.

So, this is a super short post, but I feel like you need to be encouraged in this.

I sure do from time to time.

This idea of self-care is not one that we like to talk about too often. But it’s so important!

Be the best you can to yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself for your family, friends, and your students.

Recharge and continue in the important work you do. Be encouraged today. And take some time for yourself. You deserve it!