A familiar scenario –  

Piano Teacher: “I’m excited to teach today! I just love my students! I love my job! I love the piano! I love music! I want to instill value and a love for music and the piano in the next generation! I am so excited to teach today!” 

Student shows up and sits down at the piano. Opens the book. No practice at all...  

Teacher is frustrated. There’s hope, though. Maybe the student will crack open his book next week and practice the notes on the page.  

Teacher delivers an inspiring message to the student, challenges him, then sends him on his way.  

It’s lesson day again.  

Piano Teacher: “I am so excited to teach today!”  

Student comes in. The teacher is thrilled. Student sits at the piano, opens his book, places his hands on the keys.  

No practice yet again...  

Teacher is frustrated, but musters enough energy and enough encouragement, from within, to say, “All is well. We’ll try again next week.” Teacher is hopeful, and as the week presses on begins to get excited again.  

It’s lesson day.  

Piano Teacher: “I am so excited to teach today!”  

Student comes in and sits down at the piano. No practice...  

We’ve all been there...  

Students aren't motivated to practice or they're simply overworked and often have little to no time for practice outside of piano lessons.  

And parents aren't actively engaged in their child's piano education. They make their children go to lessons, but don't encourage them to practice at home.  

Do your student's parents (or your students) ever refer to lesson time as practice time?? Oh, it's a shame!  

We want our students to succeed! But to succeed, students must practice!!  

If they (and their parents) truly understood that all it takes is a few minutes of focussed practice each day to achieve fantastic results then maybe, just maybe, they'd practice more.  

You and I both know that they WOULD practice more.  

Lack of practice among students and lack of active parent engagment is a BIG problem.  

And unfortunately, if the problem doesn't get addressed it can negatively impact our bank account!  

No practice, no progress, no piano lessons for little Johnny or Susie...  

Not to mention, they'll never know the joy of playing the piano and making music for others and with others!  

Yes, lack of practice among students is a BIG problem with some pretty serious implications.

Thankfully, There Is A Solution!

Imagine your students showing up for their piano lessons excited to play for you because they practiced!

How excited would it make you to see your students leaving the lesson with smiles on their faces feeling encouraged and inspired to work on their weekly assignments in a focused and intentional way?

You'd be thrilled!

My name is Chris Owenby, owner and founder of PracticeHabits.co. And like you, I am a piano teacher.  

For years, I struggled to inspire my students to practice. I thought that every student should be taught the same way. So, naturally, I taught all the method books I saw other piano teachers using, and used the same approach for each and every student.  

Sometimes it worked, but most of the time it didn't. My students didn't really practice.  

But then I began to change things up. I began realizing that not every student is the same. Each student is wired uniquely different and learns in his or her own way.  

I began to approach popular method books in different ways and adapt my teaching style to better suit each individual student. I found piano pieces from all genres and assigned them to students who most resinated with a particular piece and style.  

I began to see improvements in my student's preparation level!  

I had to find the music that my students connected with. I had to inspire them by changing things up - by enchanting them and engaging them in different ways. This was the secret sauce!

Inspiring MORE student practice boils down to having access to well-crafted and imaginative resources that resonates with your students and inspires them to WANT to practice more.

Wouldn't it be nice to have UNLIMITED access to a fantastic library of well-crafted sheet music (all studio licensed), technical exercises, lead sheets, and practice guides for beginning and intermediate piano students so that your students are inspired and excited to practice and prepare before their weekly piano lesson??

Wouldn't you love having access to online trainings designed to help you get the MOST out of your piano students and encourage you along in the important work you're doing and help you be the best piano teacher you can be?  

Would you like to connect with like-minded piano teachers to help you along and inspire you in your teaching journey?  

Well then...

The Sheet Music Club is for you!  

Inspire your students to practice with well-crafted and inspiring sheet music and more in the Sheet Music Club!

Here's Exactly What You Get:

62 Piano Solo/Duet Downloads - Download and print unlimited copies of fun and inspiring piano pieces for ALL of your students (added to regularly)

28 Scale, Chord, and Arpeggio Exercises - Access fun and exciting scale, chord, and arpeggio exercises, most in all 12 major/minor keys (added to regularly)

50 Lead Sheets - Enjoy fantastic seasonal lead sheets in all 12 major/minor keys (added to regularly)

Enjoy over 1,000+ pages of studio-licensed sheet music, technical exercises, and lead sheets!

"So Much Value For Such An Affordable Price!"

Monthly Unlimited $4.95/Month

(regular price $7.95)


Membership Features:

  • UNLIMITED Sheet Music Downloads
  • UNLIMITED Technical Exercise Downloads
  • UNLIMITED Lead Sheet Downloads
  • New Resources Added Regularly
  • Lifetime Access

Annual Unlimited $49/Year

(regular price $79)


Membership Features:

  • UNLIMITED Sheet Music Downloads
  • UNLIMITED Technical Exercise Downloads
  • UNLIMITED Lead Sheet Downloads
  • New Resources Added Regularly
  • Lifetime Access

Forever Unlimited $197/One-Time

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Membership Features:

  • UNLIMITED Sheet Music Downloads
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  • UNLIMITED Lead Sheet Downloads
  • New Resources Added Regularly
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Beginner and Intermediate Piano Solos, Duets, Fun Technical Exercises, And Lead Sheets!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much can I save?

In addition to saving you a ton of time and aggravation, the Sheet Music Club is amazingly affordable. Let’s do the math…  

You’ve fallen in love with 7 piano pieces and resources in the online store and you purchase 7 copy licenses this month (copy license = unlimited copies for your students), that’s a $70 value.  

That’s more than fourteen times the Monthly Member fee of $4.95 per month and you get so much more! Like a lot more. Like unlimited access to the online store and unlimited copies of current and future sheet music! Talk about amazing value!!

What about new music?

You’ll regularly receive a free online newsletter spotlighting featured sheet music for your review.

Instead of spending hours searching for your student’s next piece, the PracticeHabits Sheet Music Club helps you focus on new and topical titles in just minutes a week!

Are the resources studio licensed?

Yes, you may print unlimited copies of ALL the resources (including sheet music) for ALL of the students in your studio. 

How did you come up with your pricing?

We offer three packages. The Annual Unlimited Plan is for piano teachers who want to save money by paying for the full year up front. The Monthly Unlimited Plan is for piano teachers who want the enormous value of having sheet music and resources at their fingertips, but need a more affordable option. And the Forever Unlimited Plan is for piano teachers who want access to the music forever and no recurring payment. The Forever Unlimited Plan is a one-time payment.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the PracticeHabits Sheet Music Club, take comfort in knowing that you can cancel and receive a full refund at any time within the first 30 days.

Am I signing a contract?

No, you may cancel your membership at any time. 

All Members Get Our Unconditional, 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

And in that time, you can use and explore all the resources proven to inspire more student practice! But if you feel the community and proven resources aren't for you, rest assured that your refund will be issued quickly and hassle free - no questions asked.

If you get excited about inspiring your students to practice more and educating their parents to be more actively engaged in their child's piano education, then the proven resources within the PracticeHabits Sheet Music Club are for you! Invest in yourself so that you can give even more to your students and families.

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