Do you know of Dan Cathy?

He’s the CEO of a very popular food chain that sells chicken sandwiches among other items here in the states – Chick-fil-A.

I had the pleasure of hearing him speak recently at a big breakfast event in Atlanta.

He was inspiring and oh so encouraging. He spoke of the “heart” behind the Chick-fil-A sandwich.

You see, to Dan Cathy (and his father, the founder of the popular food chain, Truett Cathy) Chick-fil-A’s mission is much greater than selling chicken sandwiches.

The company is doing a lot of wonderful work in Westside, Atlanta, a very run down and dilapidatedĀ part of town.

They’re providing job trainingĀ (various lines of work – culinary, mechanical, etc.)and educational opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged in this area.

While he was speaking, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Self, are you serious about the “heart” in your work??”


Yes, I teach piano. Yes, serves piano teachers in their important work.

“But what’s the “why” behind what you do, self?”

So, I’m pondering this question today (and probably all week long.)

And yes, I could list a few reasons “why” I teach piano. But I’m not going to do this today, at least not in this post.

I want to leave room for you to think about the “why” (the HEART) behind what you do.

I hope this encourages you today, friend šŸ˜‰

Keep up the excellent work you’re doing. Continue pouring into your students. Persevere in serving your families oh so well!

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